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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Saskatchewan Education minister releases report with recomendations for DECREASING TUITON FOR UNIVERSITY students!

I commented about this on a friend's politic's blog... and now thought I'd share this bit of good news with my classmates who are forced to read my blog for participation marks...
In the report released by Warren McCall at 10am this morning.. for education...

...included in them is $1000 less tuition a year per student!
reports have to be approved by cabinet before they are released
so they would have changed the recommendation if they didn't plan to follow through!

... of course they'd have put this off until right before the election... if they keep it up, they might actually win... let me be amongst the first to change my mind over the outcomes yet again... I know they're bribing us with our own money... but it's more than the sask party is offering to students... (I speak to the unfortunate tri/bi-partisanness of saskatchewan provincial politics... I'm sure the Greens would implement much better policies, but sadly due to our antiquated democratic process, they will not get a seat this election...)

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